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Without further ado, it’s blog time again.
No excuses, except the usual, like every other blogger.
News since last post?

On the professional side, many things have been happening over here, and believe me, that’s not bad news! In no particular order, here they are:

  • I have signed with a print on demand fabric company, called Modern Yardage (MY). My first collection is soon to come. I am so happy with this, but I must say, it took me ages from start to finish, and, well, technically, it is not finished yet. I still have a few adjustments to make. So far, you can have a look at my profile here. You can also tempt yourself with those gorgeous collections from my fellow MY friends here;

MY Main Logo
Above is MY logo and here is a preview of the style of Bethania Lima Designs’ Modern Yardage collection to be:


  • I became part of the A Fresh Bunch team. Not a very prolific member, but I am there, believe me;
  • I am also proud to be part of the team of Kim Designs‘contributors. Kim Designs describes itself as “an online portal for procuring designs, patterns, prints and art for all product development needs.”
  • My Pinterest account has reached more than 3,000 followers! Is that professional news? Those Pinterest boards are so inspiring, they boost my creativity;
  • The surface pattern design (SPD) community of friends and colleagues is so supportive and so good to be part of, that I am still here, haven’t given up yet;
  • I have tried my first crafts fair here in Santiago, last December. I made tote bags, applying fabrics with my patterns to them, and I loved the way they came out. I also had prints, cards and  walpaper for sale there. It was not a huge success in terms of revenue, but I did learn a few lessons on the way. On top of that, I loved to decorate the stand there and was very satisfied with the way it looked. See below:
Stand at Feria del Diseño Emergente, Vitacura, Dec./13

Bethania Lima Designs’ stand at Feria del Diseño Emergente, Vitacura, Dec./13.

  • Can you believe that I finally created my Society6 shop? Have a look here and spread the news, please. Anyone in need of a new smartphone case, or a brand new tote bag, maybe just a nice print to embellish a wall? Oh, yeah, ad time here.

On the personal side:

  • I became older this weekend and because it was quite a huge, round, number, it made me think. You know, new year, new age, resolutions, all that stuff. I even cleaned my office a bit. Do not expect me to show pics of the “after” scene. It is far from presentable. But the summer cleaning means lots of scans of doodles to play with, like the little erratic flowers below:
Dooding flowers. Bethania Lima Designs, 2013.

Doodle flowers. Bethania Lima Designs, 2013.

  • I have visited my beloved country by adoption, Uruguay. To do so, we travelled many kilometers by car, enjoying gorgeous landscapes. Besides, I will be soon going to visit my country, Brazil.

Some pics of the amazing road trip we did, from Santiago, Chile, to Tacuarembó, Uruguay, can be seen below.

Andes mountains, Chile and Argentina Dec. 2013.

Andes mountains, Chile and Argentina Dec. 2013.

I do hope it all sums up to a more interesting, mature and opened person. Let´s face it all together, shall we?
Come back this weekend, if you can. There will be a special blog hop on this year’s Pantone colour, the wonderful Radiant Orchid colour. The blog hop was organized by the SPD friend, Mary Tanana, and it will start at her blog, here. The blog hop’s logo was created by another SPD friend, Lisa Rivas. See the logo below and also visit her blog and read about the behind the scenes of the logo making here.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon.


  1. Sue
    January 16, 2014

    Happy Birthday! Lovely to see what you have been doing . Good luck with the fabric and Society 6,

    • Bethania
      January 16, 2014

      I am always impressed by your constant feedback and support. Thank you, dear.