This collection is a very flexible one. I can picture it being applied in different surfaces: from wallpaper to dinnerware. It is geometric, but not rigid, it is colourful, yet not bold coloured, it is fun, what takes me back to a youth universe. How about you, where you see it applied to?

Can you tell I had fun making this collection? The first print, the one that made the top 100 of the Geek Chic contest, was originally conceived in a bit of stress, while in an airplane, under storm. Once I began doodling those triangles and making shapes out of them, I had such fun that I forgot about the airplane and enjoyed both journeys. Mission accomplished. The other patterns on the collection were generated under the fun inspirational mood.

  • Triangled_Spheres
  • Curved_triangles
  • Textured_triangles
  • Symmetrical_shapes
  • Flowing_shapes
  • Concentrical_shapes
  • Playful_rectangles



triangled spheres
symmetrical shapes