This collection has the word handmade written all over it. Efuto is a Japanese word for decorated envelopes.
A group of fellow designers exchanged real Efutos, following a great idea from a friend. For details, have a look at the section about the Little White Book on the Press page. Out of some of the Efutos I made, this collection was born.

The Efuto Collection would look amazing in a huge spectrum of applications:

  • it would grab attention if used in technological gadgets;
  • it would look at home in summer picnic scenarios (think a wonderful table, set in a gorgeous green place, dressed with a fresh tablecloth, summery plates, cups, glasses adorned with those sweet prints);
  • how about a signature range of mix and match bed linen?
  • can you see it as real envelopes covered in Efutos patterns? Yes, please.
  • LWB_flowers
  • LWB_swing_shapes
  • LWB_dotted_waves
  • Miranda_flowers
  • Miranda_waving_drops
  • Miranda_leaves
  • Miranda_dots
  • Cara_flowers
  • Cara_textures



miranda waving dots
Miranda flowers
miranda leaves
LWB flowers
LWB swing shapes
miranda dots
LWB dotted waves
Cara textures
Cara flowers