Design Sightseeing in Santiago


Last week I managed to take my brazilian guests for a tour of a design district in Santiago. We visited Barrio Italia, a very design meets bohemian style district. There you can find design boutiques, cafes, restaurants and furniture shops. It´s a lovely place to window shop, take a cup of coffee and eat empanadas.

Today I want to share a few snap shots of the sightseeing with you. All pictures were taken by me with my cell phone camera. I did not have the time to write down the names of the shops where the images were taken, but all of them are from calle Italia, Barrio Italia, Santiago, Chile.

It´s winter over here. Grab a cup of tea of coffee and enjoy it. For a surface pattern designer like me, that kind of sightseeing is very inspirational. Maybe that´s why I spent the weekend frantically pattern making. Hope you have a nice week ahead and thank you for stopping by.