Let’s Fly, Together

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Logo, copyright MaJo BV/ 2013 If you’ve been blog hoping, you’re probably arriving at my blog after visiting Leska’s blog, who is in the US. She has a clear style, full of swirls and a very interesting use of type, that I enjoy looking at.  If you’re getting here from somewhere else, this post is […]

On books and gratitude

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Logo of “The Little White Book of Surface Pattern Designers”, created by Gill Eggleston/ 2013. I used to read. Nowadays, I must confess, I rarely do so. With my career shift, I concentrate all  my available time on doing Surface Pattern Design and virtual get togethers with my fellow friends of the SPD world. I […]

Let’s fly

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“Let’s Fly”, logo design: copyright MaJo BV, 2013; fly design:  copyright Believe Creative Studio, 2013. In other words, be our guest. I take part on a highly professional group of Surface Pattern Designers from around the world. Under the initiative of Rosie, from Believe Creative Studio, who curated it, we are having a huge, massive, very international […]

Exuberant Nature: in pink and mustard

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Pink, Mustard and Brown: a tree without leaves, name unknown. Photo: B. Lima, 2012. “Exuberant Nature” is the name of a series of pictures that I am publishing this month. If interested, please read more about it in this post . All images and contents, unless otherwise stated, belong to Bethania Lima. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. […]

Happy Birthday, dear friend

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Front and back side of the Efuto Miranda sent to me. Efuto’s art copyright: Miranda Mol, 2012/2013. Today I want to celebrate the birthday of a huge and lovely dutch friend of mine: Miranda Mol. We have lots of things in commom and we’re pretty the same age. We’re pattern lovers, colour passionates and I […]

Exuberant Nature

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“Search”, photo by Bethania Lima, 2013. Happy New Year.This month I have a simple blog  project. I will be posting some photos of my surroundings, emphasizing the exuberant flora that abounds here, although I live in a very urban environment. “Exuberant Nature” is the title of this series of photos. It will be similar to “Pacific Colours”, […]


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Hi, friends, Tina, the swissmiss blog author (http://www.swiss-miss.com/), designer and amazing clever woman, has just made a post on Explore (http://www.swiss-miss.com/2012/03/explore.html). Explore (http://exp.lore.com/) describes itself as a “ discovery engine for meaningful knowledge“. What a powerful synthesis. You know when you are overloaded by information, not knowing how to handle it all? Now think about someone […]

Vaso de flor: A new pattern

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It’s been a long time. Lot’s of work following my SPD course (http://dowhatyouloveforlife.com/pattern/). Later I’ll post some of the recent works. For now, I just wanted to share the latest one. I had lots of fun doing it. It’s called “Vaso de flor” (flower vase). Its a recognition of my father’s (who was a painter, […]