Around New York

We´re safe and sound back in Chile. Before it is too late, I decided to put together the pics of what called my attention during the recent trip to New York, mainly pattern related pics. Again, not many words, but images and some visual connections. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed […]

Patterns in New York

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This is majorly a photo post, focused on the patterns found in New York during the vacation summer time there. Find references after the pics. If no source is mentioned , it’s because I somehow missed it. In case you know a missing credit, please add it to the comments section. Thank you. Hope you […]

Summer time in New York

I am finally on vacation. Just uploaded what hopefully is the last revision of my first collection of fabrics with Modern Yardage. Thrilled. That was on my waiting list for a long time. I finished it while on a trip to US, where I am now. Husband, daughter and me. In fact, we came here […]


When I was fifteen years old I remember visiting a colleague and finding very weird that her brother had massive collections of match boxes and key rings. Many years later, I have to admit that I became a collector myself. Weird? This week’s Make Art That Sells (MATS) class assignment required the students to review […]


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I was surprised with how I enjoyed making “art” for this week’s Make Art That Sells assignment. First of all, I worked making gel prints (see this previous post on printmaking, if interested in that technique) to use as a raw material for my collages. On the process, I was surprised to see that some […]



On top of many things happening around here, I have been taking two courses. Make Art That Sells (MATS) Bootcamp and MATS A. The first began in February and is a six-month activity, but at a slow and manageable pace. The second one is fast forward paced. Both are excellent and I am learning a […]

Tropical Fusion Blog Hop

This post is part of the blog hop called Tropical Fusion, organized by surface pattern designer Mary Tanana, from Groovity Designs. The beautiful logo was created by artist Lisa Rivas, and the blog hop has the participation of 45 designers. You’re probably arriving here after visiting Ludmilla Adams’ blog. Ludmila is the creator of Fashionchalkboard, where she […]

Updating the blog

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Without further ado, it’s blog time again. No excuses, except the usual, like every other blogger. News since last post? On the professional side, many things have been happening over here, and believe me, that’s not bad news! In no particular order, here they are: I have signed with a print on demand fabric company, […]