Summer time in New York

I am finally on vacation. Just uploaded what hopefully is the last revision of my first collection of fabrics with Modern Yardage. Thrilled. That was on my waiting list for a long time. I finished it while on a trip to US, where I am now. Husband, daughter and me. In fact, we came here […]


When I was fifteen years old I remember visiting a colleague and finding very weird that her brother had massive collections of match boxes and key rings. Many years later, I have to admit that I became a collector myself. Weird? This week’s Make Art That Sells (MATS) class assignment required the students to review […]

Design Sightseeing in Santiago

Last week I managed to take my brazilian guests for a tour of a design district in Santiago. We visited Barrio Italia, a very design meets bohemian style district. There you can find design boutiques, cafes, restaurants and furniture shops. It´s a lovely place to window shop, take a cup of coffee and eat empanadas. […]

Bethania Lima Designs site

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I am thrilled to welcome you to Bethania Lima Designs site and to the new place of bethania lima pattern love blog . I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to all my fellow surface pattern designers, with whom I’ve shared the “blood, sweat and tears” of the career […]


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Generosity, Copyright Bethania Lima Designs, 2013. The making of my site is taking longer than expected. But I am almost there. Almost.I am not sure if I will keep this blog as it is now, on this platform, or if I will export it to the new platform. Technical issues are involved and is one […]


Photo: B. Lima, 2013. Font: Paulinho Pedra Azul, link here You can see here the 8 finalists of the Spoonflower + Robert Kaufman contest. Congratulations to the eight finalists and to all who took part on it. Not this time for me, but thank you each of you who took the trouble to vote for me. Thank […]


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“Agapanthus”, print by Bethania Lima Designs, 2013. Dear Michelle Drew, the person behind Pattern and Co, had this great idea of making flower patterns following an A to Z sequence. To read about her original project, don’t miss this post. So far, that quick lady has made A for Anemones (wow), B for Bachellor’sButton and […]

Stop and Go

Original, textured, beautiful Efuto, designed by Julie Hamilton, 2013 (front view). Copyright Julie Hamilton. Original, textured, beautiful Efuto, designed by Julie Hamilton, 2013 (back view). Copyright Julie Hamilton. From time to time my blog stays silent. On the blogsphere it is common. I wished I had more time. I wished English writing were easier. But […]