Around New York

We´re safe and sound back in Chile. Before it is too late, I decided to put together the pics of what called my attention during the recent trip to New York, mainly pattern related pics. Again, not many words, but images and some visual connections. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Hope I can visit this lovely city again. As in the previous post, references are shown at the bottom of the post. If you know of a missing reference, please share it in the comments section. The following pics were taken at IKEA. We visited the Brooklyn brunch twice (just twice). I kept finding excuses to go back there a few times more, but I could not. Ikea is my favourite shop. Ever. I love its democratic philosophy, its commitment to high quality design, its aesthetics. In short, I am a fan. Someday I hope IKEA reciprocates and hires me to design a few patterns for them. A lot would be fine too. That´s my dream job. Problem is, it´s probably also the dream job of 9 out of 10 surface pattern designers. Pitty. Problem number two: there´s no IKEA in Latin America. How come? Pitty again. I can not even be a regular customer.

My style

My style: you know the feeling, you see something and identify with it! (1)

My style

My style 2: of course, if you know me. (2)


Wall art, carry-on art: completely my style, ok? (3)


So simple and so precious. (4)

Another place in which I fell in love with the patterned products (not only, btw) was Crate and Barrel. Look at the pics bellow, aren’t those patterns adorable? Another dream place to have my patterns available, ok? definitely a girl’s dream. Keep dreaming, I know.


Pattern delight. (5)

I will save you from the more than 500 photos I took at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. What a lovely place to visit. Don’t miss it next time you go to NYC. The following image is a summary of some great finds at their shop, though.


There were flowers too! (6)

On my way to the MET I drop off the bus just in front of a shop that called my attention. I wasn´t expecting to find it, a Jonathan Adler brunch, and decided to go inside because I spot a Rex Ray art from the window. I love his art and found many interesting items in the shop too. Look.

J Adler

Surprising items and lovely Rex Ray originals. (7)

One day I did intend to go and visit ABC Home. Another famous shop, full of delightful items. I had a long walk and got there too late, at closing time. Went inside for a few minutes and could not take any pics, so here is what I could see on their windows, that were great, organized by colour combos (pinks, oranges and purples!) and blues and purples too. And the patterns did surprise me too. There were checks mixed with stripes, reminiscent of Bolívia and other Latin American countries’ handmade textiles. I loved the bold mix and match of colours and patterns.


Inviting mix match. (8)

Once I was just looking for the Flatiron building and realized I was in front of the beloved Marimekko. Of course I paid it a visit. In fact a visit was the only thing I could pay there, unfortunately…

Brilliant and bold

Brilliant and bold (9)

Sometimes I wasn´t looking for anything in particular and my attention was driven by colour, as here.


Reds,blues, gold and greys. (10)

Or certain walking patterns called my attention.

Around the city

Walking patterns (11)

On other occasions, urban spots, mixed with the urban vibes, made the subject a great eye-catching. What do you see?

Urban finds

Urban findings. (12)


Vogue patterns, anyone? (13)

Voice your needs

Voice your needs (14)


Bottles, blues and transparencies. Remembering my collections.(15)

More bottles, more colours and more IKEA references on my way. Funny thing is that the same Ikea curtain that called my attention in the window bellow shown, appeared a few weeks later in a post on the dearest Print and Pattern blog. What’s the english saying for that…?


Spotted around East Village (16)

The patchwork of urban landscapes keeps developing.


Urban landscape 1: we cater to cowards! (17)


Landscape mood: marvellous works showing different landscape interpretations (18)

And of course I could not stop window pattern shopping.

Window shopping: floral patterns

Window shopping: floral patterns (19)

Window shopping: floral patterns

Window shopping: floral patterns on a delicate and neutral palette (20)

Window shopping

Window shopping: bold graphic gorgeous patterns (21)


Fancy some paper goods? (22)

Sometimes I doubt.

Is there

Is there any space left in this competitive market? (23)

And sometimes I just delight myself and allow me to appreciate the sheer synthetic overwhelming power of some great design.

book covers

Stunning synthetic power: book cover design at its best! (24)

And bring home some promising titles (haven´t read any yet!).


The books I brought home. (25)

We visited the New York Public Library. What a treat! In fact, the visit kind of sums up the New York trip. It´s all about diversity, isn´t it? And about accepting your own style and keep going? I do hope so.


Diversity: illustrations showcase. (26)

Thank you for visiting.

(1) Bed linen seen on the bed department of Ikea´s Brooklyn brunch. To have a better look at it, visit it on-line here;
(2) Cushions seen on the bed department of Ikea´s Brooklyn brunch. To have a better look at it, visit it on-line here;
(3) Except for the bag image on the right bottom (a pattern I love, and I am not the only one), which link is here, all the other images are from the wall art section. Details, here;
(4) Dinnerware seen on the eating department of Ikea´s Brooklyn brunch. To have a better look at it, visit it on-line here;
(5) I fell in love with the line created by Paola Navone for Crate and Barrel. I didn´t know the artist and fell in love with her work afterwards. To get to know more about her and her work for Crate and Barrel, click here. Visiting this page, you´ll see a list of other creatives hired by Crate and Barrel. Ok, definitely another dream place to have my work featured. The bottom image is from a duvet cover from Marimekko, designed by Aino-Maijo Metsola;
(6) Some of my picks at the shop of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. They have an online shop, here;
(7) Left and middle images are originals works from Rex Ray. Images on the right are other beautiful pieces available at Jonathan Adler shop;
(8) Attractive colours and patterns at ABC Home shop windows;
(9) A small selection of delightful patterns at Marimekko flagship store in Manhattan;
(10) Left and bottom right images are from an Anthropologie store, at 5th Avenue. Top right and middle are details from the window of a store called DDC Design Post;
(11) Sorry, but no reference at all. As I walked along the streets, my eyes usually where stopping at certain details, usually from the subjects I love. Sometimes I could grab my cell and take a pic, trying not to be noticed. Well, it´s a bit of embarrassing to take pictures of people on the streets just because they are wearing a patterned item that called my attention. I think you get it;
(12) Top left image was photographed in Brooklyn. Top right image is from a lobby hall in the Upper East Side, Manhattan. Bottom image is a work from American artist Hiroshi Murata, called “Space Garden #1”, as seen on a subway station in Manhattan;
(13) Isn´t it funny when words appear, or seem to appear, out of context? When I passed by that simple store, probably on 1st Av, East Village, the missing letters, the reference to a charming old era, the Christmas fabrics in the middle of July, all mixed up in my mind and captivated my imagination. Sorry, but haven´t got the name of the little store;
(14) Again I have no proper references for those images, just some sort of mental association with interesting stuff found while walking around NYC;
(15) There´s something on the shape of those bottles that captures my imagination too. As shown here and here, I am a bit of a bottle freak. And I love transparencies too! Top two images are from the windows of ABC Home. Bottom image is from a shop on the Greenwich Village, called Club Monaco;
(16) Left image: Another window displaying an arrangement of lovely bottles (the store in which I saw that display was called East Village Wines). Top right: exterior look of an eating place called The Bean. An East Village Hotel, called, surprise, East Village Hotel. I loved their logo and the IKEA curtain, that immediately drove my attention to their window;
(17) Walking around Brooklyn was amazing. So many interesting things there. When we spotted the dental care center with its slogan (“We cater to cowards”) we immediately realized we´ve never seen that usage of the verb cater, let alone cater to. And we fell as cowards, dental cowards. definitely. And we laughed. Aren´t those the best moments of the trips? When we are capable of laughing of our own ignorance and enjoy the trip. Top right image: Manhattan seen from a Brooklyn angle. Bottom image: a graceful and funny façade at a Brooklyn bar;
(18) An art exhibition on show at The Flatiron Prow Artspace. It was called “Landscape/Landschaft – Urban Planes and Fields” and curated by Cheryl McGinnis Projects;
(19) Left image: Kate Spade´s window on a 5th Av brunch. Right top image: Anthropologie´s window on a 5th Av brunch. Right bottom: a dress floral pattern in a shop in the Greenwich Village called Cynthia Rowley;
(20) Left images: a subtle floral shirt pattern at the window of ABC Home. Right: a dress floral pattern in a shop in the Greenwich Village called Cynthia Rowley;
(21) Top left image: spotted at a shop called A Tempo, on the Upper West Side. Bottom left and top right images were spotted at a shop called Babette, also on the Upper West Side. Bottom right image: sorry, didn´t get the name of the store;
(22) As seen at a stationery shop called Paper Source;
(23) So many patterns, so many great books on pattern drawing and with pattern images… Books spotted at Barnes and Noble;
(24) It´s a pleasure to see the impact of those book covers´ designs. Spotted at The Strand;
(25) First two top rows of books were picked up at The Strand with no further reference. I just found them appealing. Hope they are as good as they look. The books on the bottom were bought (at Amazon) after seeing them recommended by Sabina Radeva, the tutor of the amazing e-course called Design Garden Foundation Class;
(26) In a certain room at the library we were surprised with an exhibition of different illustrations of the same old story. All seemed so enchanting.